Delta Plow™

High-residue, no residue, wet ground, dry ground, Buckshot, Ice Cream, Gumbo… The Delta Plow can handle it all.

Tough-As-Nails Delta Plow

With over 65 years of history working with farmers in the Delta, we have been working to provide you with the best tools for your farm. The Delta Plow delivers the perfect pairing of 65 years of Mid-South farming knowledge with the latest in technology. The Delta Plow is the ultimate tool for bedding.

Delta Plow In The Field

Free to Move

Individually mounted blades allow for independent motion, freeing the frame of stress and shock loads, allowing for smoother bedding at all speeds.

Simple. Smart. Strong.

The large pre-loaded rubber torsion elements provide spring, bearing, damping and tensioning functions. This simple yet robust setup allows the Delta Plow to throw up consistent beds in all conditions.

No Maintenance

 Double sealed, double rows of bearings, and double grease reservoirs provide years of no-hassle, & no-maintenance operation in every kind of soil condition.

Throw-em' up

The huge 24″ notched blades with rear mounted hubs cut, chop, spin and throw beds in every condition you drop them in.

Delta Plow Plow Through it All

Plow through it all

Rear mount bearings, large spacing between the arm & rear of the blade and independent blade movement let the Delta Plow push through the worst conditions.

Delta Plow Plow Through it All

Room to Throw

The large blade arms and assembly give the Delta Plow nearly 3 feet of ground clearance, so you can plow through the heaviest residue conditions without fear of plugging.

Ditch the Stabilizers

Weight is inherent in the overbuilt frame, and provides the penetration and stability needed to run in hard soils and heavy trash. Delta Plow digs in and runs true without stabilizers in nearly all conditions.

Bulletproof Frame

With dual 7″ x 7″ frame members, deep hinges and massive hinge pins the Delta Plow frame is built to handle the rigors of farming in the Delta.


The Delta Plow features massive dual hitch design capable of CAT 3 and 4N Hitching. Allowing quick tractor swaps and hookups with no worry of your tractor hitch setting.

Precision Depth Control

Rugged ratchet adjustable gauge wheels and tires are included on each machine to accurately manage operating height.

  • Folding
    • 12 Row 36″
    • 12 Row 38″
    • 12 Row 40″
    • 16 Row 30″
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