The W&A Pulvamizer is the ultimate tool for raised seedbed refreshing and finishing by creating an ideal firm & flat seedbed to maximize the performance of your planter.

In The Field


The Pulvamizer’s aggressive spiral cutting reel can cut through stalks, clods and even hard ground to pulverize, clear weeds and firm the seedbed.

Break Clods & Crust

The 5-bar spike harrow system cleans and conditions the bed for optimal seed to soil contact without air pockets.


The soil action created by the Pulvamizer not only clears weeds and grass, but also makes it an ideal tool to incorporate chemicals with and even mix.

Smooth & Seal

Steel drag-board will leave the bed smooth and prepped for perfect planting conditions.

Tough-as-Nails Toolbar

Utilizing a redesigned 3/8″ thick, 7″x 7″ toolbar, the Pulvamizer gives you the confidence of a durable and reliable toolbar that you won’t have to worry about.

Transport Easy

The compact folding toolbar design reduces transport width and makes it safer & easier to transport down the road.

Stout and Reliable

The Pulvamizer’s wide, greaseable hinges are built to handle the high HP today’s tractors dish out, while its externally mounted cylinders are easily accessible and serviceable.

Hitch & Go

The Pulvamizer features massive dual hitch design capable of CAT 3 and 4N Hitching. Allowing quick tractor swaps and hookups with no worry of your tractor hitch setting.

Precision Depth Control

Rugged ratchet adjustable gauge wheels and tires are included on each machine to accurately manage operating height.

  • Rigid
    • 6 Row 38″/40″
    • 8 Row 30″
  • Folding
    • 12 Row 30″
    • 12 Row 38″/40″
    • 16 Row 30″
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