Delta Furrow Plow™

Make quick work of getting that standing water out of your field with the Delta Furrow Plow.

In The Field

Don't let soggy, wet fields mess up your schedule

With over 65 years of working with Delta farmers, we want to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. The Delta Furrow Plow helps you efficiently and reliably get water off the field to keep you on schedule.

Free to Move

The simple and robust individually mounted blades, move independently, freeing the frame of stress and shock loads, for better furrows and water drainage off your fields.

No Maintenance

Constant vibration, severe loading and high shock don’t phase our zero maintenance bearings. Double sealed, double rows of bearings and double grease reservoirs provide years of no-hassle, & no-maintenance operation in every kind of soil condition.

Plow through it all

24″ Blades with rear mount bearings and large spacing between the arm & rear of the blade let the Delta Furrow Plow push through the worst conditions to get water off your fields.

Leave your Mark

With a wide open toolbar, gangs can easily be adjusted up to 60″ in and out so you can set them to match your tracks, narrow or wide.

Bulletproof Frame

With a 3/8″ thick, 5″ x 7″ frame, the Delta furrow Plow frame is built to handle and Delta soil.

Hitch & Go

The Delta Furrow Plow features massive dual hitch design capable of category 2 and 3 Hitching.

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